Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Walleye Record OK Shawnee Twin #1

Fish Information
Fish SpeciesWalleye/Saugeye/Sauger
LakeShawnee Twin #1
ReelMitchell RodBerkley
BaitSwim Bait
Catch MethodSpinning rod and reel
Weighed ConditionAlive
Length (inches)25.50
Girth (inches)14.00
Weight (pounds)5.8
Angler's NameJed Davidson
Angler's CityMcLoud
Angler's StateOK
Date CaughtFeb 26 2012
Area CaughtNE Corner near dam
Lake RecordYes
Record KeeperOFRL
Angler StoryI had been catching some decent saugeye the past few weeks in several spots across the lake. With the wind gusting out of the south I didn’t feel like fighting the wind in the boat so I decided to walk down the dam fishing the rocks. I was using a Berkley Powerbait swim bait in chartreuse shiner. Fishing was slow throughout the day so I left the lake and went back just before the sun went down and fished the same area I had earlier in the day. I caught this fish and another saugeye that was over 18 inches just as the sun was setting.      

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