Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vanity Cup winners crowned

The winners of this year's Vanity Cup, did not expect to be there when they started fishing on the second day, October 1.

However, what Andre Laberge and Ken Raboud of Regina had learned in the pre-fishing helped them and they reeled in the top spot.

"It was early (today) we had two big ones and three little ones we went back to pre-fishing we knew where to go and that is it," Raboud said at the awards ceremony held October 1 at the Nipawin Evergreen Centre.

The pair landed 28.85 pounds of fish on September 30, Day 1 of the two-day tournament before catching 28.55 pounds on Day 2 for a total of 57.4 pounds.

They agreed that the biggest trick to being successful in a tournament like the Vanity Cup is confidence.
"It comes back to the confidence factor. If you are confident in everything you are using you will do well," Labarge said.

He said it is also about being comfortable with your partner.
Labarge and Raboud have been fishing together as a team for the past four years and know when the other person needs help.

"If he has a fish on you control the boat or switch right away, make sure we get overtop of the fish and things like that," Raboud said.

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